Wild Cabaret & Wicked Lounge, Glasgow By SIG Contracts

Wild Cabaret & Wicked Lounge, Glasgow

SIG Contracts designed and installed the U shaped fixed seating with deep D shaped horizontal back, these were covered in gold faux leather, to compliment this area individual circular pods with a single set button were designed and fitted, these were covered in black crush velvet, To contrast with the upholstered pods SIG Contracts supplied the hour glass shaped stools for the wicked lounge, to provide comfort wide set side chairs with buttoned backs and seats were also produced these were covered in black faux leather, cube shaped pods set with buttons covered in black faux leather compliment the side chairs produced by SIG Contracts, To create a unique focal point, bespoke circular seating with shaped back covered in gold faux leather for the seat base and black crush velvet for the back, was created and installed into the Wicked Lounge. To add more elegance and sophistication within the area SIG Contracts provided ceiling to floor length curtains in a gold voile fabric. To separate the wicked lounge from the cabaret area large drop curtains were supplied in a crush velvet fabric; the side chairs within the cabaret area were covered in black crush velvet with two buttons used for the chair backs. SIG Contracts also designed and fitted the fixed seating with high dividers covered in gold faux leather, for extra detail small metallic studs were fitted along the length of the dividers. The overall fabric and colour choice gives the Wild Cabaret & Wicked Lounge a look of intricacy and refinement.

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