Modular Seating by SIG Contracts

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Modular Seating

Modular seating is easily moveable and widely configurable making it the perfect solution for all workplaces, office breakout areas and educational environments while also popular in restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, bars, hotels, food courts and all other hospitality and corporate venues.

Our modular seating can be used to create communal configurations for collaborating and socializing, or can also be used as large intimate pods for private meetings and quiet work/study areas. Modular seating in receptions is also a great option for businesses wanting to maximise the space in their waiting areas.

Manufactured as single, freely-moveable units, our modular seating sections are designed to create the perfect shape and style to fit your designated area, combine numerous pieces to create a bespoke jigsaw seating area. We manufacture all of our modular seating bespoke to order, so whatever your specified requirements are, our expert sales and design team will work with you to create your ideal solution.

You can customise all features for your unique project including dimensions, shapes, back style, comfort factor, fabric, colours, plinths and all other finishing details and with our vast range of fabric, leather, faux leather suppliers, you are sure to find the perfect texture and design for your seating. After discussing the size, shape and capacity of your venue, we can help you determine which size, arrangement and style of modular seating will work best to fit your designated areas. At SIG Contracts, we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing high quality modular seating as can be seen throughout the entirety of our photos and in the products in our showroom. From the design process to the installation, our expert craftsmen will transform your ideas into reality and create beautifully designed and intricately detailed modular seating, crafted to be the focal point of your venue.

Modular Seating Examples (more to follow shortly)