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Booth Seating

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Choose Your Booth Style

Choose a Rounded Booth

One Quarter Rounded Booth
Rounded Booth Seating
Half Rounded Booth
Half Rounded Booth
3/4 Rounded Booth
3/4 Rounded Booth

Choose your seating height

Seating height 900
Height 900
Seating height 1000
Height 1000
Seating height 1100
Height 1100
Seating height 1200
Height 1200

Choose your seating length

Seating length 600
Length 600
Seating length 700
Length 700
Seating length 800
Length 800
Seating length 900
Length 900
Seating length 1000
Length 1000
Seating length 1100
Length 1100
Seating length 1200
Length 1200
Seating length 1300
Length 1300
Seating length 1400
Length 1400
Seating length 1500
Length 1500
Seating length 1600
Length 1600

Choose your Plinth Height

Plinth Height 100
Plinth Height 100
Plinth Height 200
Plinth Height 200
Plinth Height 300
Plinth Height 280

More about Booth Seating

Booth seating is the perfect seating solution for restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, bars, hotels, office breakout areas, food courts and all other hospitality and corporate venues. Creating an intimate ambience for guests as it gives an element of privacy.

The main intention of booth seating is to provide a room within a room, creating a private space within a greater area. Booths are commonly arranged back to back to maximise space usage and give that desired feeling of privacy. Our standard booth seating is available in several shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics.

Standard shapes and sizes are the most economical solution, however we as bespoke manufacturers can customise all features for your unique project including dimensions, shapes, back style, comfort factor, fabric, colours, plinths and all other finishing details. With our vast range of fabric, leather, faux leather suppliers, you are sure to find the perfect texture and design for your seating. After discussing the size, shape and capacity of your venue, we can help you determine which size, arrangement and style of booth seating will work best for your designated areas. At SIG Contracts, we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing the highest quality of booth seating as can be seen throughout the entirety of our photos and in the products in our showroom.

The most common booth seating is straight rectangular booths, which can seat from two to six customers. From the design process to the installation, our expert craftsmen will transform your ideas into reality and create beautifully designed and intricately detailed booth seating, crafted to be the focal point of your venue.