Hotel, Nairn By SIG Contracts

Hotel, Nairn

Bespoke fitted fixed seating to follow the wall shape and surroundings to maximise the seating potential for the hotel. Finished in vibrant pink fabric for the base and arms of the seating area, to create a unique look and compliment the fabric a pink and light blue chequered fabric was used to cover backs.

For the window area of the seating area the backs were designed to give a wavy style impression, this was used to match the way the seating match and fitted to the natural curves of the area. Giving the window area a very inviting focal point for visitors to the hotel. To finish the look of the seating area individual cushions finished in a dual fabric style, with the chequered fabric on one side and the vibrant bright pink on the other, creates an option of style change and choice for the hotel.

Cost Price - N/A